Artist Statement

Mother Nature's cycles of erosion must ensue for millions of years

for a natural clay deposit to be born.

stones carried by stream

from mountain top to river bed,

eroded over millenia into dust size particles, 

harvested by man's hand to create functional vessels.

holding and preserving the land's harvest

serving sustenance with each new day,

giving, recieving food and drink

from their bellies and spouts.

waiting to be used in daily rituals of survival

shared in the company of community.


About The Artist

Kristen is a North Carolina native who grew up near the coast and currently resides in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Western NC, where she has lived since 2011. She Graduated from the university of North Carolina Asheville in 2016 with a Bachelor of Art in Ceramics. She has been working as a studio Assistant and instructor at Odyssey Clayworks since 2017.

The biodiversity and natural beauty of the Blue Ridge mountains and their ecosystems directly inspire and inform her work. She uses local clay bodies sourced from different regions of North Carolina, keeping the work as close to home as possible.

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